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Elementary Literacy

Balanced Literacy Approach
The MPS K-5 Literacy Framework has identified a balanced literacy approach using Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop. This approach will provide schools with an integrated and comprehensive standards-based literacy program for all elementary students. A Language Skills Block allows a teacher the opportunity to target specific language skills.

Pinciples Guiding the Development of the MPS K-5 Literacy Framework
The MPS K-5 Literacy Framework is a blueprint for implementation of the Minnesota English Language Arts Standards and the National Council on Education and Economy (NCEE) Standards. The MPS literacy framework is an integrated, comprehensive and standards-based approach to curriculum, instruction and assessment in all K-5 classrooms. The literacy framework is guided by the Principles of Learning, developed by the Institute for Learning and based on decades of learning research.  The framework includes research based instructional practices, resources and assessments to support rigorous instruction and optimize learning for all students.  The learning goals for students are explicit within each grade level and challenge them to become accomplished readers, writers and critical thinkers who can communicate and contribute to the world around them. Key components: Literacy Assessment, Literacy Instruction, Reading Instruction, Speaking and Listening Instruction, and Writing Instruction.

MPS Local K-3 Literacy Plan - Read Well by Grade Three
Improving the literacy achievement of all of our students is essential for the success of our community. It will require strong and collaborative leadership, rigorous and ongoing professional learning and dedication to excellent teaching in every classroom. It will take a sustained focus on Pre-K through third grade literacy development. This document outlines as well as guides this work as we endeavor to ensure all MPS students read well by third grade.