Guided Reading
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A Guide to Guided Reading

A Guide to Guided Reading

Guided reading is part of a balanced literacy program, and is the bridge between whole group reading and independent reading.  It helps students gain the confidence and skills to go from reading with the teacher to reading on their own.  Guided reading also allows for students who read at different speeds and abilities to work in small groups with students of a similar reading level.  

What does guided reading look like:

  • the teacher helps a small group of students practice previously taught reading strategies by letting them read a text.  This text is within the small group of students' reading level and provides challenge and support.  
  • the teacher supports the students as they read, talk, and think their way through the text. 

What are the goals of guided reading:

  • for students to become confident, fluent, and independent readers
  • to increase reading speed and understanding with various types of text (i.e. newspapers, stories, reports, arguements)
  • to meet the specific needs of every student
  • to have a gradual release of teacher responsibility and an increase in student responsibility in reading

What you can do: 

  • Read to your learner and ask questions to check understanding (read aloud)
  • Read with your learner and ask questions to check understanding (shared reading)
  • Observe and help your learner as he or she reads, and ask questions to check understanding (guided reading)
  • Help your learner pick a "just right" book and read independently (independent reading)