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Student reading a book

Our Vision
We, in MPS, believe that effort creates ability. Therefore, it is our belief that we can create a culture of learning that provides rigorous instruction for all students. Instruction and learning includes a commitment to a knowledge core, high thinking demand, and active use of knowledge. Rigorous instruction builds the deep content knowledge and the habits of thinking students need to actively use knowledge.

What is literacy?
Traditionally, literacy has been defined as reading and writing and all of the behaviors and strategies needed for understanding and producing written text. This definition has evolved to include the concept that learning is not only a cognitive process, but also a social process. In the twenty-first century, literacy includes using reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing as modes of communication. Critical literacy, our ultimate goal for all individuals, includes learners' abilities to critique ideas, effect social change, and empower themselves to make a difference in their own and in others lives. - From, The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: Early and Middle Childhood Reading-Language Arts Standards