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Online Resources

Online Resources

The MPS Elementary Literacy Department has identified numerous useful resources for students, parents, caregivers, tutors, volunteers, and teachers. 

Parent Roadmaps
These roadmaps include examples of grade-level focus in the content area using parent-friendly language.

MPS Student Learning Resources
Here are some great links for students to use, such as get help using technology, research projects, look up words in a dictionary, and find online books to read.  

Homework Help
Here are helpful homework help links that promote elementary literacy learning.

Recommended Reading Lists
We at MPS have compiled two list of books that can easily be found at the Hennepin County Library.  One list is appropriate for students pre-kindergarten - grade 2; the other is for students in grades 3-5.  There is also a list of Spanish-language books!

Useful Phone Numbers
Here are a few phone numbers for homework or general assistance.  

Tutoring and Learning Centers
Here is additional information about places and programs for both student and adult extracurricular education.