Secondary Reading
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Secondary Reading

District Mission:

The overall purpose of the middle school reading program is to support the accelerated growth and engagement of underperforming adolescent readers. Students will actively construct meaning, learn about themselves and others, read strategically, and enjoy reading before graduating from 8th grade.

Middle School Reading Vision:

The vision of the Middle School reading framework is to develop adolescents who are fully literate, know and use reading, writing, listening and speaking strategies to learn across content.  By the time they enter 9th grade, they will be able to communicate and transfer their learning to new situations.  MPS students will graduate as literate citizens who have the capacity to be competant, independent life-long readers and learners.

Action Plan:

  • Build an effective system of literacy support that builds on a culture of literacy.
  • Provide comprehension and vocabulary instruction across all content areas.
  • Provide equitable instruction based on the MPS Middle School Reading Framework.
  • Provide Professional Development that builds teachers' strengths in the reading classroom and across content areas.
  • Provide leadership training for principals to support developing a culture of literacy in every Middle School building.